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Migrate Git repo from BitBucket to VSTS

migrationIn this post I’ll show how Git repo can be completely transferred from BitBucket to Visual Studio Team Services.
However, this instruction will be relevant for Git repo transfer between any origins, such as GitHub, Stash, GitLab, etc.

Before migration starts, it’s important to commit and push all changes from local repositories to the current origin (which happens to be BitBucket in our example).

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RAM disk in OS X

If you want to have really fast disk and have enough RAM (f.e. I have 32Gb) you can create so called “RAM disk”:

diskutil erasevolume HFS+ RAMDisk1 $(hdiutil attach -nomount ram://41943040)

This will create 20Gb drive (10240*2048=41943040)

When you finish working gust unmount drive in Finder or Terminal ;)

Hypervisor performance on regular desktop

Choosing hypervisor for regular desktop/laptop running Windows seems to be easy – Hyper-V was and still the best.

But for some activities (such as running Vagrant) VirtualBox might be more suitable.

If you have to deal with server infrastructure running VMware it’s reasonable to use VMware Desktop because you can easily transfer VMs.

From CPU & RAM perspective all hypervisors are more or less the same, and I don’t care about GPU because I have a deal with servers.

Talking about networking VMware is good enough, but Hyper-V with “gate VM” is much more powerful and flexible.

But what’s really matters is HDD performance. I’ve tested it with simple tool called CrystalDiskMark , and here’re results:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 22.12.29

PS On my MacBook Pro 15″, MacBook 12″ and iMac 27″ Parallels are much faster than VMware Fusion, and networking is definitely better – it’s really matters when you’re working with servers.

I hope this info will be useful for you, and if you need any help feel free to use contact from on the main page.

Windows Defender disable with PowerShell

Windows Defender is a feature which you likely want to remove, and you can do this with PowerShell:

Write-Host "Uninstalling Windows Defender if any..."
$OSVersion = (([environment]::OSVersion.Version).Major)
$DefenderStatus = ((Get-WindowsFeature -Name "Windows-Defender-Features").Installed)

if (($OSVersion -eq '10') -and ($DefenderStatus -eq 'True')) {
    Dism.exe /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:Windows-Defender /Remove /NoRestart /quiet

I hope this info will be useful for you, and if you need any help feel free to use contact form on the main page.

Windows Server 2016 sysprep failed

Sysprep for Windows Server 2016 sysprep failed for me few times, so I want to share solution with you:

Get-AppxPackage -AllUser | Remove-AppxPackage
Stop-Service -Name "tiledatamodelsvc"
Set-Service -Name "tiledatamodelsvc" -StartupType Disabled
Set-ItemProperty -Path "registry::HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\Status\SysprepStatus" -Name "GeneralizationState" -Value 7

I hope this info will be useful for you, and if you need any help feel free to use contact form on the main page.

Git: tasks

If you work with a small team you might not need such powerful tool as Jira, but you still need to be able to use tasks, bugs and proposals.
In this case BitBucket issues are exactly what you need.

BitBucket issues support well-formatted descriptions, attachments, assignees, kinds and priorities – almost all that your small team might need:

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Git fork

Fork gives us awesome power to suggest improvements to open-source projects, but it also can be used in enterprise scenarios.
In this example I’ll review the most common scenario when a user will make some improvements for open-source project.

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Git stash

Stash is not a very common but useful function, something like “Pause” button for your local changes.
For example, you’re working on some stuff in dev branch and you need to get branch clean (as it was in the last commit).
Of course you can commit your stuff and switch to previous commit, but lots of commits might complicate team work.
This is where the Stash would be helpful – it will save uncommitted changes internally and I’ll be able to come back to them later with git stash pop command:

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Vagrant with AWS and PyCharm / Visual Studio Code

Vagrant is awesome tool for creating and sharing environments running in VirtualBox, Vmware, Hyper-V, etc.
But nowadays we may need to run AWS Linux as well as CentOS, Ubuntu and Windows.

Powerful IDEs such as PyCharm can wok with Vagrant machines, which is really useful, e.g. while debugging scripts.

So in this post I’ll show you how to do it.

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