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Cloud agnostic approach with Terraform

If you’ve been working with both AWS and Azure you should have noticed that each of them has some advantages.

Tools like Terraform might be very helpful if you’re not familiar with both CloudFormation and Azure RM.

However don’t consider Terraform as a nonpareil (this is not true at all), it is simple tool for simple tasks.

So in this  post I’ll tell you about Terraform terms and concepts and show example with AWS & Azure.

For a bit more complicated infrastructure you’ll have to use CloudFormation and Azure RM

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Create custom Azure Fabric cluster

When you start working with Azure Service Fabric you might be disappointed with customisation possibilities.

So even if you just want to add a few Internal Load balancers you have to customise ARM template.

When you working with ARM templates it might be good idea to split VNet and KeyVaults from computing resources.

To make provision easier you can use PowerShell scripts, like this one for certificates.

Full solution you can find in my GitHub –¬†

Now let’s see how it can be implemented:

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Azure VMs turn off & on by schedule

save-timeIn this post I’ll show how to setup Azure VMs turn off & on by schedule using Azure Automation which is really useful for cost saving.

We’ll use dozen of actions to manage this task.

However, not all actions can be managed with PowerShell, so we’ll use old Azure portal a few times.

Initially I used one big script, but for this demo I decided to split it to make things simple.

In this particular example I’ll use two VMs running in the same cloud service.

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